Breaking boundaries

Do you know the feeling? Your existing way of working does not satisfy you anymore. The old recipes for success have reached their expiration date. You wake up one day and come to that conclusion, in your role as a manager, as a professional or (project) team member. Then the time has come to look for new and innovative ways forward. What do you want to change about the way you work or about the services and products that you offer? 


We consider innovation to be a learning process. It is not the intention to avoid ‘getting stuck’. A competent innovator will be able to turn a deadlock into a breakthrough and to learn from it, while looking ahead to the future. This sounds obvious, but it is not always easy to realise it in practice. You cannot go on investing in dead-ends; you cannot afford to make mistakes when the safety of people is at stake.

We guide innovation in different ways and in various contexts. 

For example, in the care for disabled people, where innovators experiment with new models of care. Or employees in a production environment that discover a different approach towards shift transfers by performing action research. Innovation always relates to designing new contexts and organisational structures when the existing organisation no longer meets the new requirements.

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